microPlatform Update 0.24


Today we are excited to announce the 24th update to the microPlatforms.

The Zephyr tree includes significant changes to the console and logging subsystems, alongside the usual pile of new fixes, drivers, protocols, device tree conversions, etc. MCUboot is pushing for a v1.2.0 release, and has seen some bug fixes and other refinements to that end. Minor changes were merged to the sample applications.

As for the Linux microPlatfrom, no significant changes have gone into this update. The previous update included updates to containers and the sources weren’t published. The URL used for authentication in lmp-device-register was updated.

[1] https://foundries.io/insights/2018/07/12/blog-post-update-0.24/
[2] https://app.foundries.io/docs/0.24/
[3] https://app.foundries.io/mp/zmp/165/
[4] https://app.foundries.io/mp/lmp/366/