microPlatform Update 0.23


Today we are excited to announce the 23rd update to the microPlatforms.

Zephyr has pulled in a variety of new features merged early in the v1.13 development timeline that were sitting in the queue during the merge window. The sample applications saw a couple of cleanups. An ancient and long gone Zephyr include path was removed, and a variety of Kconfig-related warnings were fixed.

The Linux microPlatform has been updated to use GCC updated to the 8.1 upstream release.

[1] https://foundries.io/insights/2018/06/29/blog-post-update-0.23/
[2] https://app.foundries.io/docs/0.23
[3] https://app.foundries.io/mp/zmp/159/
[4] https://app.foundries.io/mp/lmp/359/