microPlatform Update 0.22


Today we are excited to announce the 22nd update to the microPlatforms.

The Zephyr tree’s history has been rewritten on top of the final v1.12 release, creating a perfect starting point as the project begins the v1.13 development. The new Zephyr starting point is 4640305; this replaces f77bb75 from Zephyr microPlatform update 0.21.

The Linux microPlatform update is comprised of core layer updates based on the latest Yocto master changes.

For more details review the blog [1] or log into your account on foundries.io and view the docs[2], the Zephyr microPlatform[3], or the Linux microPlatform [4].

[1] https://opensourcefoundries.com/blog/2018/06/21/blog-post-update-0.22/
[2] https://app.foundries.io/docs/0.22/
[3] https://app.foundries.io/mp/zmp/153/
[4] https://app.foundries.io/mp/lmp/352/